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Meet the new UH feature twirler: Callyn Marvell

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Callyn Marvell

There is a lot of dance incorporated in twirling and Callyn Marvell claims she needs to be pretty flexible to do the dancing parts well. “My coach has helped me to look my best and has taught me all of the dance I need to know," Marvell said.

Callyn Marvell was diagnosed with Spina Bifida (birth defect affecting the spinal cord) and had to go through surgeries when she was 3 months old to 4 years old. She admitted that her left leg is numb and incapable of any reflexes due to the surgeries, but her love for twirling has kept her persistent toward her goal. 

“My flexibility was affected by the surgeries and my ligaments in my ankles are very stretched out. I had to overcome certain flexibility constrictions, but my coach helped me through this very easily,” Marvell said.

In order to twirl, she played the flute throughout high school. Playing the flute helped Marvell sync her twirling with a marching band routine. 

Marvell, a freshman at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, is the new baton twirler for this football season. 

Marvell was seven when she started baton twirling. It started through receiving a flyer for pom-pom and baton twirling in her elementary school. As of now, Marvell wishes to make a lot of friends and focus on her grades to get into the nursing school.