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Studying abroad has always been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa offers two different programs for students to study abroad with a wide list of countries for students to choose from for a variety of majors. 

By studying abroad, students not only get to study in a new country, but they also get to learn about a different culture and make friends in places around the world. 

The UHM Study Abroad Center director Sarita Rai said in an email data shows that students acquire the ability to learn and practice a foreign language, adapt to a new culture and learn to be more independent after leaving one's own country. 

“[Students] learn different points of view within an international setting, solve conflicts/problems in multiple ways, appreciate separate points of view, meet people on a one-on-one basis and develop empathy,” Rai said. 

She also added that study abroad students are “much more aware of world views and international events.”  

The two different programs offered by UHM are the study abroad program offered through the UHM Study Abroad Center, or UHMSAC, and an exchange program offered through the Mānoa International Exchange, or MIX, program. Both are offered to undergraduate and graduate students from UHM. 

The major difference between the two is how credits are earned. Through UHMSAC, the credits earned are applicable toward a UHM degree. However, the credits earned through the MIX program are transfer credits and so students must confirm with an advisor if the credits will be accepted toward their degree. 

During the 2022 spring semester, Allie Hei, a junior elementary education major, traveled to Singapore through the MIX program to study at the National University of Singapore. Hei described her time in Singapore as one of the best experiences she has had in her life. 

Even though most of her classes were online, she still had a chance to explore the city, meet new people and experience a very different lifestyle in and outside of school. 

“I met people I would never get to meet and experienced being a student in a very different way,” Hei said. 

She emphasized that it is important for students who study abroad to explore their host city whenever they get a chance. 

“Take the initiative to talk and interact with different people,” Hei said. “Do not hesitate to ask questions and most importantly, be open minded.” 

For more information, visit the UHM Study Abroad website.