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The “Departures” TV Series Has It All

Enjoy world travel in the comfort of your home

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The “Departures” crew has been to over 30 countries in three seasons.

As a college student, I find that it is easy to get wrapped up and overwhelmed in the affairs of everyday life. Between being stressed about deadlines, assignments, exams or work, it is hard to find time to clear your head and see the world from a bigger perspective. Not every college student has the time or funds to get out and explore, and it can be hard to get rid of a nagging feeling that something is missing – something like travel. No words can describe what it is like to go and see everything the vast world has to offer. That feeling was the primary motivator for a project that would become an inspiring travel documentary TV series. 

In 2008, the first episode of “Departures” aired on the Outdoor Life Network (ONL). It premiered on Netflix in 2015. At the time of its release, it was radically different from any other travel documentary. It follows three regular guys (Scott Wilson, Justin Lukach and their cameraman Andre Dupuis) who decided to drop everything and travel the world for a year. They documented their cultural experiences and incredible vistas, airing everything from an unfiltered travelers’ view. What they saw and encountered was so inspiring and human that it may just infect you with the travel bug. They enjoyed their experiences so much that they continued to film and travel for well over a year, turning their proposed idea into a three-season show. 

Wilson and Lukach went to college together in Brantford, Ontario, where they became close friends. Lukach lived in Las Vegas before eventually moving to O‘ahu. Seven years later that they decided to take a year off and travel the world together. They created a list of places that they wanted to see and experience culturally, and utilized Wilson’s connections and friends from previous travels to help them see everything on their bucket list. The product turned out phenomenal and heartwarming. Wilson and Lukach’s film school experience and success with a business they started in college helped push them to make this dream a reality. 

The show stands to remind us that we can find ways to achieve our dreams in college, and that by working together on projects, we can have incredible experiences. “Departures” is personal, inspiring and easy to binge watch. The show is just enough to get you itching for travel, even if that means picking up some friends and exploring O‘ahu together.