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University of Hawai'i tuition and academic fees will not be refunded, according to President David Lassner.

"Let me say that we are committed to deliver a high quality UH education and we have no intention of refunding tuition and academic fees that are dedicated to the cost of delivering education," he said at the UH Board of Regents meeting on Thursday morning. "That work continues."

Lassner said that under the BOR policies, UH has "always charged the same tuition to students online or in person, regardless of the mode of instruction." 

According to Lassner, he assembled teams to look at both academic and student related fees across the 10 UH-system campuses. 

They identified groups of fees that will and will not be refunded on a pro-rated basis. 

One of the largest changes outside of tuition, according to Lassner, is housing at UH Mānoa and UH Hilo. Housing costs will be refunded on a pro-rated basis for "the time students vacated their rooms."

Lassner said that arrangements are being made for students who did not return after spring break to either pick up their belongings or have them shipped to their homes on the mainland. 

Another fee that was considered for refunds was the student recreation Centers at UH Mānoa and UH Hilo. Lassner said that they reached different conclusions "due to the nature of the funding used to construct" the recreation centers. 

The recreation center on the UH Hilo campus was constructed with general obligation bonds, so the student fees for that center are being refunded. 

However, construction on the Warrior Recreation Center, according to Lassner, "did involve UH revenue bonds service with what was then a new student fee that was supported by the student body."

"And those fees are the source of funding for the debt service, so we will not be refunding that rec center fee," he added. 

Most co-curricular student activities funded by fees such as student government, broadcast, media will not be refunded. This is because those activities continue virtually and are conducted by students for students, according to Lassner. 

Fees that "support consumables that are not being consumed for the second half of the semester" will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. These include: chemicals and art supplies. 

The UH Urgent Student Relief Fund was established for students who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Students may apply here: https://www.hawaii.edu/its/urgent-student-relief-fund

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Chavonnie Ramos has served as the Editor in Chief of Ka Leo since January 2019, and has been with student media since 2016. She is a senior majoring in Journalism and English at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa.