MyUH Portal and Laulima are useful and necessary online tools for UH students. You can easily manage your school accounts and class activities by using these tools. Some students have problems accessing these sites or find difficulties in using them. Here is a quick breakdown on how to use myUH and Laulima. 

You can log in myUH Portal from the UH Mānoa website, or you can use When you have logged into the site, you will find a list of services on the left column of the home page. You will likely use most of them during your time at UH.

To find the course number, go to the home page and click “Check Class Availability” on the left column, then look up the course number that you need.

If you need to register for classes, click “Add/Drop Classes” at the bottom to access the page. Choose your target semester, and you will be redirected to the registration page. You will see classes for which you have already registered. You can then start adding the courses you wish to take by using the Course Registration Number (CRN).

If you are receiving financial aid, you can use myUH Portal to manage this, too. When you click on “Financial Aid,” you will see your financial aid information. You can click on “Payment Schedule” to see when your check will be delivered. You can also accept or decline student loan offers on this page. If you need to provide any documents to the financial aid office, they will show up on the “Student Requirement” page. These pages are on the bottom of the financial aid site.


Teachers use Laulima to post announcements, class materials and grades. Some teachers require students to turn in homework via Laulima as well. Student organizations also use Laulima. You can find the icon of Laulima on the right side of myUH portal or by typing laulima. into the address bar to access it.

You will see your classes and groups on the front page of Laulima. Click each tab to access updates and assignments for that class. Similar to myUH Portal, you will find all functions of each class on the left column.

Your teacher may send email via Laulima, including class announcements or uploaded material notifications. You can download documents that the instructor has posted on the “Resources” section. 

You can also send emails to your teacher, TA or classmates from Laulima. You can find their email address from the “Mailtool” function, and you can ask for help or recruit a study group for your class by sending an email blast. 

If your teacher requires you to turn in homework via Laulima, you can click “Assignment” and read the homework requirements and the deadline. You can also upload your homework from there if your professor allows it. Some instructors require students to put their work into “Dropbox,” so make sure you verify what his or her submission method of choice is before you turn in your work.

Some teachers will manually post grades on Laulima. If your teacher does this, you can find your current grades on “Gradebook.” You will find this function on the left column if your professor uses the function.

Only a few of the basic functions of myUH Portal and Laulima were introduced here. As you use them, you will likely find other elements and functions that are useful. In addition, both sites have online tutorials if you need any more help.