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Experience puts college grads ahead of the game

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Students spend thousands of dollars trying to get a good education. However, if the ultimate goal is to get a job, why do students put in so much time learning about their field of interest instead of actually getting experience doing the job? Experience provides individuals with the skills needed in order to better perform duties at a workplace; skills that one cannot attain solely with a college degree.

To truly learn something requires practice. Instructors can talk about skills useful for a job, but in order for a student to fully understand the weight of of what teachers are trying to teach, students need to practice those skills in daily life. 

Benefits of having previous job experience

Employers do not want to teach an an individual with a master’s degree things that someone without a degree can do without having to be taught. Having work experience allows employers to discover what kind of worker you are, giving them a sense of how you will handle the job and duties. If you are someone with experience, then you can easily get into the rhythm of the job since you are familiar with it.

According to a University of Hertfordshire study of 500 employers, employers place more emphasis on work experience than a degree. This means that students who put in the effort of obtaining work experience instead of relying on a degree are more likely to get a job with an employer.

Finding an internship

According to the Chronicles of High Education, institutions are working to provide students with employment to help prepare them for work after graduation. Students at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa need to take advantage of these opportunities because no one is going to push them to gain work experience for a future job. 

At UH Mānoa, there are many services provided by the different colleges to help students find internships. For example, the College of Social Sciences offers a political science internship that places students in the legislative, judicial and congressional offices in order to receive first-hand experience and knowledge about working for the national and state government. There is also the Mānoa Career Center that offers advising, mock interviews, resume workshops, career fairs and job search help in order to provide students with the experience needed for their field of study.

While people are rushing  through college to get a degree, that degree alone cannot land a good job. If the goal is to land a great position, experience is crucial. Having experience will get you ahead of the game, so let’s get to work.