Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants cost Hawaii taxpayers app. $155 million annually

On December 29, 2016, David Lassner, the President of the University of Hawai‘i system, sent out an email stating UH would be, “steadfast in our commitment to serve all members of our community, regardless of citizenship status.” This email posits that “undocumented immigrants” will be protected by the system. Essentially UH Mānoa will shelter criminals. What is particularly troubling about Lassner’s announcement is the political nature of the email, as the only reason to support illegal immigration is purely political.

Professors and university officials should not be proselytizing to the student body. People need to discover their political beliefs on their own, not have them crammed down their throats by ideologues with an agenda. 

Illegal immigration is a serious problem

There is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant.” If someone enters and lives in this country without documentation, then they are criminals. Apparently, the honorable Mr. Lassner has never considered why “undocumented immigrants” “need” to be sheltered from the police. President Trump ran on a platform that included deporting criminal aliens as a key policy and reforming our border security. This resonated well with working class types, especially since former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush issued executive orders that made it harder for our police to deport illegal immigrants. These orders delayed the deportation of illegal immigrants and made it easier for them to access U.S. services and employment. Illegal immigrants who haven’t committed crimes (besides the one they commit when they cross the border and live in our country) can’t be deported without a hassle from our police.

A concern some readers may have is: what’s the big deal? Why is illegal immigration a problem? First of all there’s the fact they are not supposed to be here and they are only here due to disrespecting our country’s laws.

Secondly, an unknown number do not pay taxes, but use social services. It is hard to get exact numbers because they are undocumented. There is no real way of knowing how many people are here illegally and which ones take social security benefits they do not pay into. The Center for Immigration Studies states illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers more in welfare costs than legal immigrants, and said while illegal immigrants are barred from some social security programs, they are not banned from all of them. The can use Medicaid for example, and if they have a child born in the U.S. or a family member they can access that family member’s social security. 

Thirdly, because they are here illegally and often come from third world countries, they are willing to work for much less than American workers expect. Many of the same people who want the minimum wage raised are also defending illegal immigrants undercutting U.S. wages. If McDonalds has to pay an American $7.50 an hour, but can hire a criminal alien under-the-table for $5.00 to do it, they’ll hire the illegal immigrant. That money is also not going into the U.S. Treasury making the situation even worse for the economy. This is ignoring the drug trade and other problems caused by our open border and the U.S. government’s refusal to deal with illegal immigration. 

The politics behind Lassner’s announcement 

Since illegal immigration is so bad, why has the U.S. government refused to solve the problem and why does some of UH’s faculty support protecting the “undocumented” then? You may think there must be some good that comes out of it, and there is for the giant corporations which exploit the cheap labor and the Democrat politicians who see a vast supply of future voters in them.

For a typical university professor there is no reason to support it, so why do they? And the answer is they all support a political party which supports it. They may cloak it as being about “protecting” people, but their actions do not reflect that.

Mr. Lassner’s words and actions demonstrate that he is interested in spreading and enforcing his own political beliefs rather than actually considering what is in the American people’s interest. So rather than label opinions he doesn’t like for arbitrary political reasons as being guided by “hate” and “intolerance,” he should consider why he holds the views he does and why he chose to push them onto others while in a position of authority over them.