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Get groceries delivered right to your door with Safeway’s shop and deliver program.

Safeway has had a home delivery service in certain areas on the mainland and fortunately for us, is now offering their services on O‘ahu. The program is new and has only been in service for a few weeks. Although it is not available everywhere on O‘ahu it is offered at select zip code areas, which can be found on their website.

So how exactly does this shopping home delivery service work? Everything is available online through the website or through the Safeway apps which are available for Android and iOS devices. Through the website or app you are able to shop for groceries just like any other online store.

Once you are finished with your order you are able to chose “1-Hour” window time slots for when you would like your delivery to arrive. If you place your order before 8:30 a.m. you are eligible for same day delivery. Any order placed after 8:30 a.m. will be eligible for delivery the following day or anytime after. Once the order is placed, it will then be sent over to Safeway workers who will fill your order on the day you chose by retrieving the groceries that you selected. Once they are finished with your order it will then be passed over to the Safeway delivery drivers who will deliver your groceries right to your door.

“The home delivery program is very convenient, it's a great commodity for those who can not make it to the store, the elderly, the handicapped and those with time constraints or transportation issues,” Safeway employee Len Ancheta said.

He also encourages customers to take advantage of the special promotion that Safeway is offering. The home delivery service is offering a special promotion for first time users in celebration of the O‘ahu delivery launch. By using the discount code “ALOHA” you will receive your first delivery free on an order of $49 or more and in addition to a free delivery you will also receive $15 off the same purchase until Oct. 30.