Things to do before and after all makeup application

Wash your face: Use a gentle cleanser, toner and then moisturizer. Doing so before application gives you a nice, clean canvas to paint on, and doing so after leaves you a nice, clean canvas for next time. 

Clean your brushes: I like to use baby shampoo. Don’t be afraid of cleaning and rinsing each brush multiple times. If you share makeup brushes, make sure to dip the bristles in 70 percent rubbing alcohol.

Basic Materials 

Face paint

Spray bottle filled with water

A variety of makeup brushes including foundation, eyeshadow and blush

Baby wipes for quick makeup removal

Q-tips for erasing mistakes

Headband for keeping hair out of face during application

For the Wicked Witch, you’re going to need:

Green face paint- The official one is MAC Chromacake in Landscape Green ($25), but feel free to use other green colors

Eye shadows- Dark matte brown, light matte tan and additional colors if you want

Lipstick- I recommend black, but other colors could work

Black brow liner

Black wig- If you do not already have suitable hair

Estimated cost: Depends on your choice of materials, with the exception of the Chromacake, suitable makeup options can be found at the drugstore for cheap prices.

Estimated time: Approximately 40 minutes

Step 1

Apply eye primer on your eye area to make your eye makeup last all night.

Take the MAC Chromacake and spray with water. Use the foundation brush to put on a light layer. It is okay if your natural skin color shows through. You will want to take the color down your neck, under the neckline of your costume. Do not forget the back of your neck and your ears. Let dry.

Step 2

Apply another thin layer, respraying the Chromacake as needed. Let dry.   

Step 3

Elphaba has black lipstick on during part of the musical, so I paired black with some green eyeshadow. You can keep the lips green or do a black smokey eye. I also filled in my eyebrows a bit.

Contouring time: Here, the idea is to shade your face so the color looks more realistic. I used a dark matte brown eye shadow for shadowing and a light matte tan eye shadow for highlighting, both with a blush brush. Then, I applied the shadow to the hollows of my cheeks, the sides of my nose and my temples. After that, I applied the highlight to the tops of my cheeks and the top of my nose. (Study your face and figure out your bone structure.)

Step 4 

Next, style your hair or put on your wig and you are done. The Chromacake does not need a setter, so you are good to go. I recommend wearing gloves with your costume so you don’t have to paint your fingers.

This could also become Gamora from “Guardians of the Galaxy” by using a very skinny brush and yellow face paint. Using a reference image, copy the marks on her face as closely as you can.