The “freshman 15” is a real-life curse. And if you are not careful, this curse can be recurring – resulting in the “sophomore 30” and even the “junior 45.” If you’re a new student, there are many ways to avoid putting on the pounds, and if you’re already cursed, there are many ways to lose the weight.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa campus has gone through significant changes and events over the 2014 summer break. The campus witnessed the Apple firing controversy, appointed a new president for the UH system and hosted the United States Secretary of State.  Here is a summary of the major events which occurred from June 1-August 15.

Whether you’re walking around campus, studying in your dorm or working out the day’s stresses, there are ways to amplify your experience. The best source to turn to is an iPod loaded with songs to match your mood. Fill the silence of the aforementioned moments with the following playlists. Playlists can be found on; press play and let the music grace your ears.

The first week of school is full of trial and error: what to wear, who to be friends with and what to bring to class. With all of those tough decisions to complicate your life, here is a list of what you should and shouldn’t have in your bag for class. 

Being a great student doesn’t just happen – you need to make it happen. Try these simple tips to be the super student you can be for the fall semester.

The most-asked question on campus: What’s your major? A few tips and tricks never hurt to pick out the people you just may want to stay friends with forever.

College students struggle every semester to keep their grades up while balancing social life and work. With the right advice for prioritizing your daily to-do list, achieving that sense of balance is possible. Here are a few ways to keep from falling behind in school and making the grade for fall. 

Rocky Road Pudding … made with avocado. It’s avocado season, and this delicious fruit is available and affordable at your local grocery store or farmers market. In addition to being full of healthy monounsaturated fats, avocados are more versatile than you think. 

Dark browns and layers are all the rage this fall for men. While the warm Hawai‘i weather makes layering difficult, there are still ways to keep cool and dress with the trends. Here are a few inspirations for the stylish man.

Living on campus has its perks: meeting new people, staying close to classes and living in a fun environment. Finding new ways to connect with people may be difficult with small living quarters. A great idea is to have movie nights in your dorm room. Tired of a basic TV setup that comes with a dorm? While it may be costly to run your own, you will definitely be the person everyone thinks of first when wanting to have a movie night. If you want to be the hot spot for movies or the epicenter for the newest episodes of hit shows, these tips may help.

To you, maybe summertime is a great time to relax and sleep in all day, or perhaps it’s lots of camping trips and hiking, or maybe you even left the country.

Whether you are an incoming or returning student at University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, you will have to choose new classes every semester to get closer to obtaining a degree. With new classes come new professors, and if you’re looking for a little advice about their work ethic, you may want to check out the popular RateMyProfessor website. 

Hitting the books is a necessary evil of college life. But studying in your room isn’t always the best strategy: A change can be good for your work ethic and memory retention. Here are a few suggestions for your next cramming session. 

It is easy to get pulled into the succubus that is midterms and finals. However, the pressure to take Adderall for concentration has side effects. There are many ways to stay focused and alert than taking a drug. The best way is the consumption of caffeine in coffee. Read below the benefits and note that overdosages of anything can be harmful.

Despite closing bookstores and a perceived crisis in publishing, Hawai‘i Review refuses to slow down. The literary journal is looking to broaden its scope by revamping itself online. 

There are probably a million guides as to what the most hotly anticipated movies, video games and TV shows are every season. Who should you believe? Here are Ka Leo’s top three picks in pop culture for the fall semester – with a little trivia to help you stay ahead of the curve.

During summer, it can be easy to find the time to get into a good fitness routine. Staying active is great for your health and also an important stress reliever. With fall classes starting up, you may find yourself pressed for gym time. 

While students were enjoying summer break, the athletic department and student-athletes were busy preparing for next season. Between temporarily homeless athletes, a new stadium plan and drafted players, there was enough news to keep UH fans occupied while games were on hold. 

Aloha UH Mānoa students, welcome back to campus (or, if you’re new to the university, welcome for the first time). Summer has whizzed by once again, and another new semester is here.

Stressing about what to wear on the first week of class? Worry no more. Here are five days of outfits to help guide you in your own personal style.

Clear! BZZZT! That’s the sound of UH football head coach Norm Chow trying to prevent a fading Warrior program from flatlining. 

After finishing the 2013 season with its 19th consecutive conference title, the Rainbow Wahine volleyball team will look to continue its pattern of excellence despite losing a pivotal group of starters to graduation.