David Matlin

UH athletic director David Matlin speaks at his introductory press conference inside Les Murakami Stadium in 2015. 

Athletic director David Matlin held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to address the media after a tumultuous coaching search for football highlighted by the public comments made by June Jones last Friday. The rest of new coach Timmy Chang’s new coaching contract was released alongside the press conference.

Matlin began the conference with an apology for “how it all played out.” He went on to explain the process that began shortly after the resignation of former head coach Todd Graham.

“I had already conducted several interviews,” Matlin continued, “and identified Timmy Chang as an early front runner.”

Matlin then described the interview process with June Jones, where Matlin pitched a succession plan to the veteran coach with Chang in mind to take over. This is an idea June Jones came up with allegedly when he applied in 2015 to groom Nick Rolovich as the next head coach.

In their planned three-hour meeting, the two sides disagreed on and found common ground on the contract length, but two more issues came up from Jones’ camp. One issue was former candidate Rich Miano. Miano pulled his application after knowing Jones was interested in the job, and Matlin worried if it would tamper with the succession plan on the table.

“There is no doubt he loves the program, but I told June adding Rich to the staff in the succession model would be problematic,” Matlin said. He then said if the negotiations continued, he thinks Jones could have convinced him to keep Miano on the staff. This is what led to the end of their negotiations after only thirty minutes, and Jones wished Matlin luck on his coaching search.

Matlin then went to his plan B and hired Chang the following day.

Spokesperson Dan Meisenzahl on Saturday mentioned June Jones wanted control over the marketing of the football program, and he was described by him as acting like a “de facto AD.” When asked about this, Matlin responded, “It was something [June Jones] mentioned, and obviously something we could’ve delved more into. We want all our coaches to be a part of marketing efforts, it just depends on what the structure and framework is.”

Meisenzahl did appear in the press conference, apologizing and taking responsibility for the choice words he had for Jones and fans on Saturday.

Other topics were covered during the press conference, like the progress of the Clarence T. C. Ching Athletics Complex. It was planned for the stadium to be expanded out to 15,000 seats soon after they finished the initial 9,000 seats to start the 2021 football season. When asked, Matlin said the stadium would only be adding about 1,000 seats before the 2022 season, and to expect 15,000 for 2023.

To see the contract details of Chang's deal, click here.