The ‘Bows extended their tie streak to two on Thursday night with a 1-1 double-overtime draw against the Highlanders in Riverside.  

Although the scoreboard did not reflect it, both teams brought the offensive pressure. The Hawai‘i offense tied its season-high for shots and set a new season-high for shots-on-goal with seven. The lone goal for the ‘Bows came from Maki Kono on a penalty kick and was also her first goal of the season.

The Highlanders’ highlight on offense came in the form of a goal via Kailua-Kona native Akari Shimizu off of another penalty kick.

The ‘Bows defense picked up where it left off last game, limiting the Highlander offense to 6 shots-on-goal. Despite allowing a total of 14 shots, the defense did not let the Highlanders get much of an angle on them. The Highlander offense ended the day with a less-than-stellar 43% shot-on-goal percentage and a single goal to show for it.

Lauren Marquez continued to be a stone wall in the goal for the ‘Bows. Tonight, she ended with an 83% save percentage, with the only blemish being the penalty kick that snuck past her.

The ‘Bows continued to meet force with force, matching the Highlanders foul for foul with 16 each. Riverside’s Daphane Mendez also received a yellow card in the 84th minute.

After another hard-fought draw, the ‘Bows improved to 0-7-3 on the season, elevating them to a .150 win percentage. They will now work their way west to Fullerton, California to take on the Titans of Cal State Fullerton on Sunday, Oct. 10 at 2 p.m. HST.