Valorant squad.jpg

The Valorant Varsity team, from L-R: Christopher "Patorium" Meade, Tuan "Da Ala Wai" Pham Jr., Thomas "Thomas" Tunick, Chin Ma "onDa Peek" Chiang, Gabriel "CRooomba" Harp

Just as the season is underway for the ‘Bows on the field and in the stadiums, the Esports teams are also getting their seasons underway with their controllers and keyboards.

The Valorant roster is split into two teams, Valorant Varsity and Valorant Waveridahs. While they were having problems sorting out the names of the teams, they weren’t having as many problems in the game.

The Varsity team is a roster of rookies looking to make a name for themselves in the scene like the champion predecessors before them. The Valorant Waveridahs has some returning champions, like Cody “PreFx” Oshiro, Michael ”Mikee” Johnson, and Kodi ”Koldqt” Young. They are looking to add a few more titles under their belts alongside their new teammates. With this terrifyingly talented team, this upcoming season for both Valorant teams should make our competition tremble.

The Valorant Waveridahs had their tournament season start a few weeks earlier, and are in a commanding position at 15-3. The Varsity team started their season with a loss in the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF). The EGF is a premier league that contains top Division I universities from across the country for our students to compete with. In a best-of-3 match during the first week, the Varsity team racked up one win and two losses.

“While we have a lineup of hungry and promising rookies, the Valorant Varsity team is still trying to find their synergy to really let the roster flourish,” coach Noah “Rod” Rodriguez said.

It is still early in the season, so the coaches have high hopes with the level of talent that these rookies show. With the rookies’ great potential and a veteran roster in the Waveridahs to look out for, there’s a bright future in the stars for the UHE Valorant program.

When asked how the season has been so far, Waveridah player Michael ‘Mikee’ Johnson said “This season is more of a building year, but we're still doing pretty well as a team, results and growth-wise.”

The team has high expectations to make a deep playoff run with hopes to win another national championship. ‘Mikee’ and his teammates are excited to play against their rivals San Jose State, Northwood, and Houston once again this year on their path to claiming another title.

With both teams well on their way into their 16-week season, we await with bated breath to see how the Valorant boys stack up against the best in the nation in next semester’s CVal tournament.

Readers can always help to support the UHE Valorant program and catch their games in EGF and other tournaments by catching the news on their Twitter pages @UHEsport and @WaveridahsVal.