RBG's was an influential figure throughout the entire country 

After several battles with cancer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on September 18. Living what can only be described as a heroic life, RBG was a justice who stood out for her successful pursuit of gender equality and the unification of the liberal block. She fought for women’s rights for admission to the Virginia Military Institute and against the wage gap. All of her fights were methodic and calculated, allowing her ideas to meet success.

Being such a prominent figure in the fight for justice, Ruth B. Ginsburg’s passing heavily influences the future of gender equality in the United States. This lack becomes even more pronounced considering the current presidential term and the POTUS’s behavior towards women. 

Moving forward in the wake of her absence

Her passing represents a bump in the road towards a country where women’s rights are a priority. The failure to appropriately replace her could mean a recoil in the fight for gender equality. This risk is exacerbated by the fact that she did not appoint a successor, and Donald Trump’s nominee will most likely be someone without the same ideals. 

Women already face a disadvantage in representation for their interests. As of 2020, men still heavily outnumber women in government, with only 23.7% of the seats in Congress being occupied by women. Without proper representation, the fight for gender equality risks falling into the background.

Not a moment to be politicized

Both sides inevitably politicize every moment that relates to politics somehow. In this case, it is relevant to take a step back and look at RBG’s passing from a strictly objective perspective. The truth is that, regardless of her political party, Ruth Bader Ginsburg made progress for all women. Her fight was not for the sake of a political party, but a better world. She unified the interests for something better, and regardless of your political stance, this should be a priority for all. She is not only an example for women, but one for all people given the values she exemplified, such as perseverance, moral responsibility, and fairness. 

Even though the future is uncertain after Ginsberg’s passing, the weight of her legacy is not. Her death and what she fought for during her life do something important, which is paving the road for a conversation about gender equality and women in government to happen. RBG’s passing is already all over social media, which supports the birth of an important conversation. Posts about what she accomplished during her lifetime are easy to find, making the information and having a voice on the matter accessible for everyone.

Appointing a successor

Considering the notoriety of her fight, her absence was meant to stand out as well. It is only expected for uncertainty and fights over the next successor to occur. President Trump is already planning his nomination for a successor, but not everyone agrees he should go forward with doing so, considering there are only 45 days until the election. The claim that Ginsburg reportedly told her granddaughter, “mny most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” only reinforces this thought.

How this is handled will heavily influence the future of gender equality in the United States and showcase how much respect the POTUS has for democracy. After everything RBG did in her lifetime, her legacy will be carried on into the future when engaging in critical conversations about gender equality, women in power, and democracy.

Associate Opinions Editor

My name is Johanna Leo and I was born and raised in Mexico City. I just moved to Hawai'i a year ago for college, so I’m currently a sophomore at UH Manoa. I am an English and Political Science major, minoring in Psychology.